Laureate Professor Geoff W. Stevens

BE (Chemical), PhD, AusIMM(CP), CEng, FTSE
Executive Member
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61 3 8344 6621
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61 3 8344 8824
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
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Rm G03, Bldg 167
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Geoff Stevens

Research Interests

  • Reactions at Liquid Interfaces
  • Interfacial Phenomena in Solvent Extraction
  • Stability of Emulsions
  • Design and Scale Up of Solvent Extraction Equipment
  • Development of Separation Processes
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Contaminated Site Remediation in Antarctica
  • Separation of CO2 for Greenhouse Gas Remediation

Selected Publications

Xiao, F., Wang, Y., Shen, X., Li, Z., Perera, J.M. and Stevens, G.W., “Effect of SDS on Kinetics for Co-Cyanex 272 Complex in a Neutral Micellar Phase”, Hydrometallurgy 167: 36–38 (2017)

Yi, H., Wang, Y., Smith, K.H., Fei, W.Y. and Stevens, G.W., “Axial Dispersion and Mass Transfer of a Pulsed Solvent Extraction Column with Novel Ceramic Internals”, Ind Eng Chem Res (published online 22 February 2017)

Wang, Y., Yi, H., Smith, K.H., Mumford, K.A. and Stevens, G.W., “Mass transfer in a pulsed and non-pulsed disc and doughnut (PDD) solvent extraction column”, Chem Eng Sci 165: 48–54 (29 June 2017)

Freidman, B.L., Gras, S.L., Snape, I., Stevens, G.W. and Mumford, K.A., “A Bio-Reactive Barrier Sequence for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Capture and Degradation in Low Nutrient Environments”, International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 116: 26-37 (2017)

Smith, K.H., Harkin, T., Mumford, K.H., Kentish, S.E., Qader, A., Anderson, C., Hooper, B. and Stevens, G.W., “Outcomes from Pilot Plant Trials of Precipitating Potassium Carbonate Solvent Absorption for CO2 Capture from a Brown Coal Fired Power Station in Australia”, Fuel Processing Technology 155, 252-260 (2016)

Mirza, N.R., Nicholas, N.J., Wu, Y., Smith, K.H., Kentish, S.E. and Stevens, G.W., “Viscosities and Carbon Dioxide Solubilities of Guanidine Carbonate and Malic Acid based Eutectic Solvents”, J Chem Eng Data (available online 22 November 2016)