Available facilities

The PFPC has a wide array of instrumentation across our three locations. The Centre provides a range of services to industry and research groups from short term contracts through to longer term collaborative research programs.

If you have a general query about the wide ranging services that the PFPC can provide please contact:

Dr Michelle de Silva
Centre Manager

T: +61 3 8344 6620
F: +61 3 8344 8824

The use of a number of the items of equipment listed can be booked via the Materials Characterisation and Fabrication Platform (MCFP) or the Department of Chemical Engineering Bumblebee System.


  • Intrinsic Viscometer (Schott ViscoDoser AVS 20)
  • LUMifuge
  • Rheometer (Capillary; Custom Made)
  • Rheometer (Controlled Strain ARES; Rheometrics)
  • Rheometer (Controlled Stress; AR-G2)
  • Rheometer (Controlled Stress; SR5)
  • Rheometeter (Controlled Strain; HAAKE)

Microscopy, particle and surface analysis

  • AcoustoSizer (Colloidal Dynamics)
  • AnaLight Bio200: Dual Polarisation Interferometry (DPI; Farfield)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Asylum MPF-3D AFM)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Asylum Research Cypher AFM)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Digital Instruments Dimension 3100)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Digital Instruments Multimode)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Nanowizard BioAFM)
  • Compressive Strength Testing Instr (ELE Universal Tester)
  • Confocal TCSPC fluorescence microscope (Leica)
  • Deconvolution Microscope
  • Dynamic Interfacial Tension Measuring Device (FTA)
  • Electro-Kinetic Analyzer (Brookhaven Instruments)
  • Ellipsometer
  • Flow Cytometer (Imaging; Amnis)
  • Flow Cytometer (Partec CyFlow)
  • Fluorescence Microscope Digital Widefield (Olympus IX71)
  • Gravimetric Sorption Analyser (High Pressure; VTI)
  • Instron 5848 Microtester
  • Inverted Microscope (Motic AE20)
  • Inverted Microscope with image capture (Olympus IX70)
  • Mastersizer (Malvern 3000)
  • Particle Sizer (High Performance DLS; Malvern)
  • Particle Size Analyser (Micromeritics Elzone 5380)
  • Shimadzu GPC MALS Aqueous Light Scattering
  • TAXT2 Texture Analysis (TA Instruments)
  • Tensiometer (DataPhysics OCA20)
  • Xray Diffractometry (XRD)
  • Zetasizer (Malvern)

Spectroscopic analysis

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS)
  • Fluoresence Spectrophotometer (Fluorolog; Horiba)
  • Fluorimeter (Cary Eclipse)
  • FT-IR Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer Frontier)
  • FT-IR Spectrometer (Varian 7000)
  • ICP (Varian)
  • OWLS 210 (Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscope)
  • Spectrophotometer (Nanodrop 1000)
  • Stopped Flow Spectrometer (Applied Photophysics)
  • Surface Area and Porosity Analyser (ASAP 2010; Micromeretics)
  • Surface Area and Porosity Analyser (Tristar; Micromeretics)
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Agilent 8453)
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Cary 3)
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Cary 4000)
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Cary 50 Bio with microplate reader)

Thermal analysis

  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Perkin Elmer)
  • Thermogravimetric Analyser (Mettler Toledo)
  • Thermogravimetry/Differential Thermal Analysis (Perkin Elmer)
  • Thermomechanical Analysis (Perkin Elmer)


  • 3D Printer (Objet Eden 260 V)
  • Crushing & Grinding Facility
  • Freeze Dryer (Dynavac FD5)
  • Freeze-dryer (Heto Drywinner)
  • Gas Chromatograph (Shimadzu GC-17A)
  • Gel Documentation System (BioRad)
  • HPLC (Agilent 1200)
  • HPLC (Shimadzu)
  • InkJet Printing System (Continuous)
  • Ion Chromatography (Dionex)
  • QCM (frequency)
  • QCM D300 (Q-Sense)
  • QCM E4 (Q-Sense)
  • Real Time PCR Cycler (BioRad Mini Option)
  • Robotic Dipper (Stratosequence)
  • Sonicator Horns Y Strat
  • Sonifier 250 (Branson)
  • Ultrasonic Units
  • UPLC (Agilent 1290 Infinity II)
  • Vacuum Pump (Edwards RV5)

Continuum Mechanics Expertise

The Continuum Mechanics base within Mathematics provides analytical and simulation expertise directed at problems in sedimentation and filtration of particle networks, materials and network elasticity, and the theory of surface forces in the control of particle fluids.